Freddie Mac staff is working to ensure that our employees, customers and borrowers are protected from the direct and indirect impacts of coronavirus (COVID–19). We are actively tracking the situation and making decisions based on guidance from public health authorities.


Freddie Mac has business continuity plans in place to ensure we are fulfilling our mission while protecting our staff and community. Freddie Mac is open for business and has continuity plans in place to ensure we can continue to fulfill our mission.

We have activated our Crisis Management Team (CMT), comprised of representatives from across the company. The CMT and senior leaders are meeting regularly, closely monitoring the situation, and providing frequent updates to our board and staff. We are actively tracking news and information about the virus and making decisions based on guidance from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO).

We have taken several actions in line with this guidance, including:

  • Expanding remote work,
  • Limiting visitors to Freddie Mac facilities,
  • Suspending non-essential business travel for staff,
  • Requiring staff to follow CDC recommendations not return to the office for least 14 days after contact with an infected individual.

In addition to these actions, we will continue to engage with the Federal Housing Finance Agency and other third parties to ensure continuity of critical business activities.

To be clear, Freddie Mac is open for business. We are committed to serving our mission and the crucial role we play in the U.S. housing finance system while supporting the health and safety of our communities. Please check this site regularly for any additional news and updates.

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